Centre Stage Theatre Company

in association with

Antrim Borough Council and The Ulster Aviation Society

is proud to present this moving and powerful piece as part of a
commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Second World War.

*   FLARE PATH   *



Flare Path - the runway lights showing aircraft where to take off or land, follows the night of a dangerous raid behind enemy lines as seen from a country hotel near a R.A.F. Bomber Command airfield where, as the vivacious Countess says, "...old Jerry hangs about over the aerodrome... and they don't know he‘s there, then just when they‘ve lit the flare path and the boys are taking off, or coming in more likely... he‘ll swoop down on them and shoot them up..." In the residents‘ lounge the women wait... life and relationships hang in the balance. The Skipper‘s wife, the glamorous Patricia, is harbouring a guilty secret, the fun-loving Countess, wife of an ace Polish Flying Officer, faces an uncertain future... Maudie, the Air Gunner‘s wife who, like so many millions, has had her settled domestic life turned inside out by the war. The arrival of a Hollywood star Peter Kyle and the outcome of the night raid on Germany throw up a conflict of love and duty. Bombing raids, banter, black-outs, bravery... and broken hearts. The lights of the flare Path may welcome the courageous airmen back to base, hearth and home but they also light the way to daring - and deadly - danger... The play is moving, dramatic, tense but not without humour. Its central conflict - duty versus love - still resonates. This the Northern Ireland professional première of this classic war time drama.
* *   Opening in   * *

and then
* ON TOUR  May 2005 *

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